In business, it's often incredibly difficult to create a tangible competitive advantage in the eyes of your customer. But we are seeing more and more often a new species of the same problem: competitive advantage that is ceded. Left unrealized. Squandered. 

Take this example: Company A can get deliver make and deliver their product to your door in 72 hours. Company B needs 15 days to do the same. Company A has tighter manufacturing tolerances and quality control, making it more likely their product will be right than Company B's product. Company A has HUGE advantages of speed and quality.

How do they tell customers about those advantages? Their sales people politely quote lead times and carefully avoid saying anything negative about Company B. If a customer wants to comparison shop, they have to engage Company B, and Company A's competitive advantage? Poof!

How do you avoid this mistake. Don't stop with competitive advantage. Create competitive disruption. We'd tell Company A to post lead times on their website, never mentioning a competitor. But the transparency of how Company A conducts business will put incredible pressure on Company B to do the same. Speed + Quality + Transparency = Competitive Disruption.

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