I relaunched my business this month to focus on the growing divide between customers and companies, especially in the building products and interior design industries. Closing the gap catapults you into an arena of tremendous competitive advantage. The question is, why aren't more companies doing it?

First, you have to realize that you need to meet the customer where she is. What is her state of mind? What are her needs today, and how are they trending? In other words you have to have insight into your customer, and when your customer speaks, you need to hear her. And rather than fitting the customer's opinion into your corporate operational routines, you and your company likely need to flex to meet the needs of the customer. 

There is a lot of debate these days on inbound marketing versus content marketing (let's just say BOTH rather than OR). But without knowing your customer, you don't know what content will resonate, and won't be able to draw her into your inbound. Create an experience that matters, that makes your customer's life better, easier, simpler, more meaningful. And watch the opportunities open up. Bridge the gap by meeting the customer where she wants and needs to be met. 

It's a time of great opportunity. Seize it!